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Indoor herb garden--mint

I have some pepper mint, spearmint, and chocolate mint growing indoors. I purchased the plants about a week ago, when they had over grown their 4" pots. I've repotted them and they seem to be doing well, so I don't want to ruin the progress, but would like to start making tea with the mints, when is a good time to start harvesting mint? Can I pinch off a little now, without causing too much trauma?

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Yes, Mint grows very quickly and seeks to take over the world, enjoy your tea

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YES - for sure keep your mint in a pot if you put it in your garden it will grow like a weed. Every summer you can cut the pot in half and grow twice as much as the year before. I got some from a neighbour with to much this year. Spearmint. I use mint for making greek lentil salad.

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My next door neighbour gave me some morocane mint which is really nice to make tea from. It's a good idea if you plant your mint outside to plant it in a large pot so that it won't invade everywhere.

You can grow it indoors but you'll find that it's slower in growing and you might not be able to pick all the time.

We also use lemon balm or lemon verbena which is also very nice to make tea from.

Take a sprig of either lemon balm or mint and poor some boiling water over it.

I'm also thinking of buying some different types of mint to get different tasting teas.

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