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What to do.... About Covering Potatos with Dirt

Hey it's me again! I was just wondering if you have some advice for me. I'm going to be planting potatoes soon but I need to know something about them later on in there growth. When they reach about a ft tall your supposed to put dirt on them and leave a few inches, but, I am planting quite a big garden and would need a lot of dirt to cover all those potato plants. So I was wondering if there is a different possibility other than dirt to cover them ?

Thanks :D

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What I have done over the past 4/5 years (and they have got great crops) is to just plant the potatoes in the trenches and later, like you said, about 1 ft tall what I do is just 'earth them up' and use the soil from around the plants and shove it around the stems.
Hope this helps!

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Would using a trench put the potatoes at risk of being too soggy?
Where me and Potato Boy live, the soil is a rather heavy clay.

I too have heard of using straw to stop the potatoes from turning green, but I've never tried it.
Does anyone here have experience with this?


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