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DH loving our peppers to death!!

Ok, Dh is really getting into my garden this year and if any of you ead my thread about planting tomatoes in the ground too early, then you can see I have my own way of doing things :P

The issue started two weeks ago. the only plants still under our lights are the peppers, eggplant and okra. Well the peppers started turning yellow and losing their leaves. Everyday I checked them and they seemed too wet but I thought, well I don't know what I thought. I continued on my water every three days routine but they always seemed moist.

They started looking terrible, didn't grow anymore and three shriveled and died. :evil: I decided to let thm all dry out and see what happens.

Yesterday, I came hme from work to check on them and there was two inches of water in the pans that the peppers sit in :shock: I still didn't realize until I was talking to myself saying"what is going on!!!The peppers are drowning!!!and DH said, really? cause when I get get home from work everyday I water them!!! :shock:

This is what I did:

I got the plants out of the water.

put thm in dry potting soil(some of them had little to no roots)

Hoped real hard!!

any sugestions on how I can save them is welcome!!

Oh, and I told DH not to water the seedlings. He never has before, but these are supposed to be his pepper plants :roll:
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Tell him to touch the surface of the soil and only water if it feels dry. I think it's great that he's taking interest.

MY D H changed diapers when our kids were babies but would not water any of my plants. :D

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I always tell people that peppers don't need to be watered until they start to wilt. I think they prefer to keep nice and dry :D

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Sorry but that is a LITTLE funny. :lol:

Who would have thunk? If it were me I would try to get them some dryer soil or at least not water them for a while, maybe put a fan on them.

I have only been watering once a week, if that. Every 3 day's seems a lot. But when I water I water heavily and let them go.

Good luck.

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