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whats the best manure for sandy costal soil

hi all .

I live on the coast , about 100metres from the beach and would like to know the best manures for enriching my soil . I have previously been using layers of horse manure, sea grass & pea straw with a compost bin in the centre of each plot that I rake out over the patch before I plant my seedlings. This I have done now for approx 5 Years and the soil is good but not as healthy as I would like it . I use no insecteside or pesticides ( even organic ones )as I am able to harvest good quality vegies without disrupting the natural order or cycle of things (might sound a tad strange to not want to kill off pests & disease) but I belive everything has a purpose & know plants have their own way of fighting pests and diseases. The key to this is the soil they grow in, I would rather put my efforts into creating healthy soil not destroying natural processes. The reason I ask the question of manures to use is in some crops I have noticed they struggle and certain diseases are really detrimental to growth and fruiting.

thanks for your time and help

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Welcome to Helpful Gardener Stevo.

I've read here on this forum that Rabbit is the choice manure. Maybe because it can be used fresh? I've used rabbit, horse, sheep, chicken and all seem to be very useful.

I also believe that the building of healthy soil, which in returns healthy plants, is the best way to fight bugs/ diseases.

I'm also sold on the use of floating row covers. Sun, frost and bug protection.


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