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A few questions on watering with additives

I have some old sprayers that I use because they put out a good bit of water for spot watering. Mainly old Miracle Grow, the old school ones not the new fancy ones.

But they have the ability to run a hose on one side than a sprinkler on the other. Therefore using the container as a medium to expel whatever it is you like in a somwhat metered fashion.

I was thinking about filling the MG with milk or maybe half way with milk than have it midway in my sprinkler setup to fully douse the garden with a good milk infusion and water at the same time. What do you think about this? Is it a waste of time, would the milk be washed away during the sprinkling?

While we are at it I have thought about using it to fertilize. I mainly use Dr. Earth, blood meal and bone meal and other assorted organic ferts. Would these break down enough to be used in this fashion.

Other than that I like to use fish emulsions and kelp extract, this is in liquid form. Wondering how this would work and how much to use if it were possible.

Any thought would be appreciated. thanks


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I haven't used the equipment you are talking about.

But, I water the garden well, then I come back through with the pump up sprayer, once a week, I fill it with milk, Bt, and liquid fish emulsion mixture. The milk and liquid fish emulsion would still be there even if in the soil, but it wouldn't be foliar feeding. The bt would likely be worthless in the ground.

The dry ones that I use are: Fish meal, cottonseed meal, bone meal, and wood ashes, and dry manure if I have any. Then I just water the garden, being sure to wet them in. They will gradually release and feed the plants.

I view the pump up sprayer as a snack for the plants, and the dry as dinner time.
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It would likely work for the liquid ferts but you'll have to find a way to calibrate the thing. Measure/weigh the amount of fert you put in it and spray a measured space then measure/weigh the amount of fert left in the container.

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