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Use of reclaimed or recycled water from sewage effluents on

We are doing some research on the use of reclaimed or recycled water (essentially the same thing) on crops, some certified organic, consumed raw. We are finding multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria within this type of water. In some cases these bacteria are resistant to 11 of the 12 antibiotics we use as a challenge. There is a big push to use this reclaimed water because it offers to offset demand on scarce supplies of potable water. Unfortunately, the current standards under which much of this water is produced do not adequately protect public health. That is to say, many of the current standards are obsolete. As previously discussed for crops consumed raw, bacteria can enter crops through root systems and once internalized, no amount of washing at the kitchen sink is effective. Additionally, crops can biomagnify toxins and pharmaceuticals found in reclaimed water. Thus those purchasing certified organic produce irrigated with reclaimed water may be surprised at what they are really getting. See: (https://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=17433346) and (https://aem.asm.org/cgi/content/short/71/6/3163).
Strawberries grown on sewage sludge may internalize pathogens via roots and these in turn may be able to transfer to your gut flora. Thus you may see an increase in antibiotic resistance developing in your body.

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I just saw this post! The more reaserch I do, the more I think that using this stuff is NOT a good idea. I do have a question, I found on the EPA website that they feel that this is ok, but I think the article was published in 03? Do they still feel this way? Or do you know?

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