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Organic grass removal

I am trying to clean up the girlfriends house(outside) and yard.My problem is there is grass growing in places it should not ie;asphalt and concrete.Is there an organic spray to remove this grass?I have pulled by hand all I could....but there is still some left I know will return.HELP!!!Greener

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You could try vinegar as a herbicide. a lot of people use it Though I never have.

Check out [url=https://www.moscowfood.coop/archive/VinegarKillsWeeds.html]this[/url] link for more information.

Good luck

just thought boiling water may work or maybe even just covering the area to keep the sun out it will eventually die back.

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Several things will work great. I buy cattle salt in 50 lb bags $4 per bag at the farm supply store. Mix it with water and water the grass or weeds you do not want. Vinegar works too but it is not a cheap at salt. You can also fertilize weeds to death with Ammonium Nitrate mix very stong with water about 2 quarts to 5 gallons of water then water the weeds.

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All good suggestions. Boiling water works well and is easy and no bad environmental effects (it's just water! :) ). Salt is fine for places like a driveway where you never want anything to grow, but be careful your salt water doesn't run off into areas where you do want to grow things. Ammonium nitrate is the kind of fertilizer they use to make explosives out of. In high strength, the excess runs off into the water table, rivers and aquifers, causing eutrophication - death of the river by over-fertilizing, causing algal blooms etc. Leading cause of eutrophication is excess fertilizer from everyone's lawns etc.

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For an area where you don't want to grow anything, salt works great. Dump it in the cracks and leave it, the rain will wash it through and away. Some say that salt can make and area sterile for up to 3 years. It does this by killing the biology in the soil.

If you're talking about gardens for flower beds, vinegar works good.

Let's not forget good old hand-pulling and shovel-disking. It's a bit of work, but it's also one of the surest ways to get rid of the grass :wink:.

Good luck.

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