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Hello, I think they are long legged flies

Hello, I am new to organic gardening. I'm not really new to gardening as I helped my dad out with his as a kid. Of course as a kid you don't really pay attention to things such as pesticides, bugs and things of that nature. My first time planting a garden in my back yard now that the kids are grown and there are no toys being tossed around in the yard. Anyhow.... I put a lot of work into this garden. Many mistakes along the way of course... making notes for next year.
I had a problem with (white flies) used a organic mix (tea) then I started to see a lot of other flies. At this point I'm getting upset because I'm not sure if they are good witches or bad. I searched for different types of flies and they do look similar to (long legged flies) as one person put it like flying jewelry as they are pretty. On the same token my (white fly) problem seems to be no longer a problem. If they are long legged flies do I have a new problem??

PS they are... I believe
Family Dolichopodidae, infraorder Muscomorpha, suborder Brachycera or mostly members of the Condylostylus genus and Sciapodinae subfamily

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