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They're not falling for it!!

I saw this posted and thought I would share it with my favorite forum. Have you guys read this yet?


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WOW. :evil: Companies like the one listed in the first link...unbelievable. Here in lies one of the main reasons I wanted to go organic and I wanted to plant diversely. I can't get past the fact that these farmers are being sued, because a company that owns a patent on a gene. An infectious modification of a gene at that. How can they patent a viral gene that, for all intents and purposes, infects the non GMO crop? The company has no drawbacks! No checks and balances. The farmers have no choice in the matter. Even if they don't want this company's seed, they are gonna be forced into the deal through invasive, genetically modified pollen. That in itself should be illegal! It's most certainly dispicable, and very, VERY distasteful. I hate what this company is doing to small farmers everywhere! I hate what they stand for...and I can't believe they're proud of themselves.

Good Grief!

Another great documentary to see is called Food Inc...

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heck* monsanto :twisted:

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it's more disgusting than SQUISHING BUGS!!!!! :shock:

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I applaud anyone for having the guts and brains to stand up to the big agribusiness out there.

I occasionally have seen the last few minutes of the local ag show in the morning when I turn on the news for the weather ..early...and they are sick'os

I couldn't beleive them saying that grain fed beef is so much better for you than grass ranged cattle..what the H..

and they are probably sponsored entirely by big ag businesses..

I just hate that all this false information and dangerous business is so easily accepted..

not to hijack the thread but that is like the 1970's passing of the new nutritional informatin that all the people have bought into that low fat high carb is good for you..anyone that wants to find out the truth about this see the new book "good calorie bad calorie" or go to read some of the information by googling Gary Taubes on the internet..what a bunch of bunk out there about eating carbs...because I believed the nutritinoists I nearly ended up with I know better..thank God

the food industry is even worse than Monsanto !!!!

Don't be fooled there is a whole lot more false information out there other than just the ag gotta be on your toes

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I've heard a lot about how farmers are almost put out of business due to the patents on the seeds.

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There's a story I read awhile back about Monsanto. one of the farmers was fed up with Monsanto and stopped using Monsanto seeds and used his own seeds like countless generation of farmers have done before. But Monsanto sued him because his neighbors are using Monsanto seeds, and they claim the farmer have violated their patent because of cross pollination. Monsanto won the case. The implication is Monsanto :evil: now have a defacto monopoly on seeds.

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