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Gardener and Lanscaper Needed

Hello all,

I, finally, have a yard to grown my own organic fruits and vegetables, but I am having a difficult time locating an organic gardener and landscaper, one who doesn’t want to grow grass and use pesticides, in my area (Fresno, CA.) I’m envisioning raised boxes, veggies growing on the fence, and a covered sitting area. Can ANYONE recommend an, honest, landscaper and gardener, in my area?


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I know what you're up against in Fresno, home of commercial agriculture to the max. However, there *must* be some independent garden-supply stores around. Seek them out--Yellow Pages? online? They won't be big box big; they'll be smaller, much more personal, and--knowledgeable.

These kinds of places often have business cards or even :shock: bulletin boards where gardeners and landscapers who use organic methods put up notices of availability.

The staff at the garden-supply stores may also be able to give you personal recommendations. :D

Best wishes on finding the help you're looking for.

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Lol at your Sig c_h I believe the opposite is true.

My advise would be head down to your co-op and ask around. Try your farmers market too maybe they have people with local connections for you.
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