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Sand Hills Region, SC

I'm relocating to the family property in Bishopville, SC. Is anyone familiar with the Sand Hills region of South Carolina? What can I grow there?

If you were living in this region of SC and could only plant 5 food crops, what would they be?

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I've never lived there, but would love to! What can't you grow there in zone 8!?

Tedlin recently posted this really nice link about what people in different regions of the country find grows best for them:


It shows these as the top ten crops for that region:

Top 10
Sweet pepper
Slicing tomato
Bush snap bean
Summer squash
Bulb onion
Pole snap bean
Cherry tomato
Hot pepper

If you are moving now it will be too late for broccoli. But you can buy tomato and pepper plants, and probably still plant beans and squash from seed. For the fifth one, I would do swiss chard, just because I think its the easiest most productive thing you can grow in almost any garden.

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