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Should I Buy The Original S.F.G Book?

O.k, so I bought the All New Square Foot Gardening book, and am very happy that I did. I guess you really do get your questions answered when you actually read the material. :wink: Anyways, Mel seems very confident that his new book is much better, so should I buy the original for kicks and giggles? Is there anything in the first book that isn't covered in the second one? All input welcome.
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I only have the 2005 edition, but if you have the extra bucks--or if your local library has the older edition--why not?

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Not really helpful for new SFG

I got the old SFG book off the internet for $1 plus shipping and it has a lot more info in it if you want to do the old in ground gardening system...but a lot of it is soil amendment, etc, which you don't have to do with filling the boxes with Mel's mix.

If you just stick to the new SFG (and maybe a little fertilizer), you'll be golden.

I wish I had read closer about the zucchini...I put one per square and they are about to take over the whole bed!

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