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Look into his eyes! If they are round, then he is safe, and he is there eating slugs and other bugs that would eat your garden.

I couldn't tell much about the head shape from the photo, nor the eyes.
But, if not poisonous, and no threat to livestock, I would be glad to have it there. Also look at his tail, non-poisonous snakes have long tails, poisonous ones are either stubby or have rattles on them.

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Baby copperheads have a bright yellow tail and more triangular head. Either a rat snake or mole snake, IMO.

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I experience your concern. I had a hatching of these fellows in my compost pile last year. I took one to the extension agent and he positively identified it as a rat snake. Baby snakes will all try to strike when they feel threatened.

We also have copper heads - the head shape and body type are different as well as the colors.

The rat snake evolved "protective coloration" to look somewhat like the copperhead - apparently it's backfiring when people are the biggest threat.

As far as your plants are concerned, venomous snakes are beneficials, too.

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Being and avid outdoors-man in Missouri I can tell you THAT IS NOT A COPPERHEAD!!!!!

Probably rat snake not 100 % on it but not a copperhead I am 100% on that.

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