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My grandfather put a 50 GPM sump pump in a pond that was 200 yards from the garden and pumped water through some black plastic hose to the garden. Dig a hole about 3 foot diameter and pump all the water in the hole. Then make small ditches from the hole to all your rows to water all your plants. Put the ON/OFF switch at the garden. Turn on the pump and watch the hole fill with water, and water your garden then turn it off.

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Well the good deal came from my future father-in-law, so I knew it was in good condition. He'd only used it a few times. After trying it out, it works perfectly for my purposes. I have the pump sitting in a rain barrel with a hose attached to it. All I have to do to water the garden is plug in the pump and spray away! Works perfect, and thanks for all the suggestions. :)

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>>Works perfect

super! good luck with your garden this year!

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