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Functional Plants in PA

I was wondering if anybody knows of plants that can be grown in PA and how to harvest the seeds. By functional I mean edible, can be used to make medicine, etc. Trees are not off limits either. Any info on how to turn them into medicinal uses or anti bacterial thank you. (I hear lilac has some disinfecting qualities.) :lol:

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I grow these herbs for a super healthy tea. All these herbs thrive in poor quality soil (minus echinachea & valerian) and like a sandy soil.

wolf berry - gojiberry

to make teas does not require drying. infact fresh leaves make better tea.

The one I drink most often is mint & sage tea and is good for your kidneys and good breath. A good calming tea you can make with chamomile and valerian root.

probably the best detoxifyer of your liver and blood is ginger/raspberry/dandilion tea

if you have any questions about any of the less common herbs let me know.

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You said edible, are you including vegetables? Most veggies are grown as annuals here in the north, even the ones that are actually tender perennials. That means you can grow pretty much any veggies you want, some of them just need to be given a head start, starting the seeds early indoors, to compensate for shorter growing season. Starting now, you can accomplish that my buying already started plants (eg tomatoes, peppers) from a nursery.

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