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rosiegirl wrote:farmerlon...thanks for all the blueberry info! we have a very small area for our garden right now (about 10'x3') but we do have some space that might work for blueberry plants. we have a small row of leyland cypresses with a few hydrangeas under them. the soil there is covered in woodchips and drains well (it's a bit uphill) so I thought it might not be bad for blueberry plants. only gets about 5 hours of sun, though because of the cypresses. would that work?
probably ... With anything that bears fruit (Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, etc...), usually, the more sun they get, the better they will produce. 5 hours a day may not be ideal, but it might work.

Blueberries usually stay outside. But, the further North you get, the more risk of the plants suffering from Winter cold injury.
If you decide to try them in containers, you might want to look for SEMI-DWARF Highbush Blueberry varieties (sometimes called "Half High"). Those are typically 2 to 3 feet tall when mature.
Here are some names of Semi-Dwarf varieties that I have seen: North Blue, North Country, Northland, North Sky, Chippewa, Friendship, Ornablue, Polaris, and St Cloud.

Good luck!

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RG, think about putting a few herbs in pots. Easy, fun and pretty to boot!

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Always do! I like to grow red or purple basil and green basil together in a big pot. Very pretty.

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My rosemary stays in a container to come in and out with the seasons...


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Good luck with your garden! Me and the wife are doing the same thing this week.

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