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Toil wrote:no gix that's not it at all.

you are ignoring the route produce takes from field to table. At the regional level, buyers and sellers determine who gets what, based on what is for sale and who wants it.
communities with lower incomes get the leftovers, at higher cost. weird, eh?
I'm defintiely not trying to fight with you Toil, I have much respect for you.

But I believe that is what I said or at least was trying to say. If the buyers don't ask (want) certain things or don't know the difference the sellers won't bring it in. Which is why "I Believe more people need to be educated on what is "really" out there. I feel people are sheepishly being led to what "they" have to offer. Not what is really obtainable. :)

When i say buyers i mean consumers and when I say sellers i mean suppliers. If the buyers stop buying what the seller is selling they will change so they can make a sale to buyer. A vicious circle but it is played out every day. The greed of the supplier is keeping the honest man down. :x

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ah gix, no need to bicker it's true.

but I would invite you to live in new haven for a year with no car and tell me how you feel about it then.

we went for a few days with no car and it was insanely difficult to do anything. And I am part of the pampered class.
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Food banks won't take fresh produce from just anyone do to potential health risks. They can't risk produce from a local garden that accidentaly got salmonella because they person who recieves the food will sue if they get sick. Canned food is usually washed, and of course is already sterile, thus they'll take it from anyone.
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With the Ample Harvest link, I found a food pantry willing to accept produce, it is the distributors of all local food pantry foods.

According to the map it is 17.4 miles, that must be as the crow flies, and I am not a crow. It is 17 miles to town A and at least 6-8 miles to the pantry that will accept produce. So, I am to drive 25 miles to donate free food, then the food banks will go the same 25 miles to get it from them!

Oh that is fuel efficiency!
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