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My garden picture plus a surprise.


These r a few random garden picture. Something I notice since I started organic gardening... I havent added any fetilizer only compost tea and kitchen scraps but look at the plants so green and lush. And guess wut... when diging a tiny hole 2 put my truckers favorite corn variety plant down I found a little wriggler in the soil. :) :D :oops: . WE don't EVEN GET WORMS IN THE BAHAMAS> PLUS I LIVE ON A HILL> There must be more so I'll stick wkith this organic gardening way. Ps my 15 year old lime bush and 12 year old tangelo bush after being pour on with compost tea. Phinaly budded. YAYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


My cinnamon basil


Tomatoe plants


Giant leaf from one of my giant punmpkins. More pics later in the week.

[url=][img][/img][/url] :?: :D

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Very nice photos.
You don't have earthworms in the Bahamas? Or few at least, since you did find that one.
I have read that they are imported. I always thought they were just normal everywhere. They surely have spread, the wildest areas, will normally have worms. I wonder, if someone had gone fishing in the Bahamas, and had earthworms as bait, and one escaped, survived the fish, and the story goes on.
Keep us posted on how the garden does!

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yay yayayayayayay! missed you! Nice little ones. I like limes so much please make some good food with those for me. Did you ever use palm fibers in your compost? How is everything?

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Really cool pictures. I love the Bahamas I didnt know you guys didnt have worms.

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wow flawless job..I like the tomato plant pictures..Seems you love gardening a lot. I too. I will also take pictures of my garden

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While most people view earth worms as good they aren't good everywhere. I couldn't find any information when doing a quick search for the Bahamas but I know earthworms are considered Invasive in Minnesota. They have caused a lot of damage up there. You may want to check with someone local and see if they are a native specie.


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phew... nice pictures, wasn't what I expected... internet, pictures, and suprise usually means only one thing, but I'm relieved it wasn't that. :P

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