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where to buy seeds and plants?


this is my first year gardening and I'm not sure what I'm doing! actually, last year was the first year I had a backyard so I tried my hand at some gardening but was wildly unsuccessful.

this year, I'm researching and planning as much as I can. I need to buy seeds and possibly seedlings and a few plants (like blueberry bushes?) but I'm not sure where to do this. there is a big gardening store near me but I'm not sure if that's the best place to find good prices on these things. is there a place online for buying organic seeds, seedlings and plants?


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Hey I'm kind of new at this gardening thing too, so I wont offer advice on that, but if you have a Menard's in your area, seeds are %40 off right now including organic. They're all Burpee seeds which are supposed to be pretty good.

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I have started gardening again this year,and bought all my seeds from Thompson and Morgan, they have a US site as well. I've been really pleased, every thing planted so far from them has germinated.
I have also been getting involved in seed swaps with other members here and through my Blog which is very exciting and gives you the opportunity to try new things without spending a fortune, plus you make new friends.

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