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Feeding schedule-in a round about way

I want to test the "healthy plants fight insects" premise this year.
I have good soil based on my soil test. But now that I have things in the ground I want to really make sure I am helping things grow to their optimum potential-for yeilds of course but we got hit very hard with cucumber beetles,horned caterpillars and stinkbugs last year. I don't mind holes in greens but customers don't for the most part.
I have started feeding the birds and will be seeding wildflowers to invite beneficial insects. I have lots of composting manure, have spent the winter gathering leaves and have an unending supply of free hay.
I have been using fish emulsion on my starts. (none of which I used on a regular basis last year)

So what would you add?
I have seen the organic list of products with their value listed here but is there a source for which one should be used to supplement different plants? I cant pull soil tests with every new rotation to see how much each crop used. I guess this is where rotation works(beans fix the nitrogen lettuce needs)
With three acres growing I have to be as frugal as I can (just say no to Lowes 5lb bags) thanks tate (sorry for the rambling nature)

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