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Bugs on indoor lavender

Today I discovered that one of my lavender plants has some kind of teeny-tiny spring-green colored bugs on it. They are exactly the same color as the lavender leaves, so I guess that's why I didn't see them until today... I suppose the bugs were already on the plant when I brought it in the house. They are really small so I picked them off (maybe 20 of them) with chopsticks and killed them. They are really hard to see (1 mm-size bugs). I am guessing they might be aphids. They look kinda like this picture I found online, and they appear to be able to fly:


The plant seems healthy and doesn't appear to be eaten-up or really bothered by this (at least so far). I was thinking about maybe using an organic pesticide (like veggie wash or soapy water) on the leaves, but I know that lavender doesn't like its leaves to be wet, so I wasn't sure if this might do more harm than good. Any thoughts on what I should do? Or I should leave it alone because they won't eat much. (lol)

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this is from [url]https://www.backyardnature.net/aphid_lc.htm[/url]
In spring an egg hatches, producing a wingless female aphid who soon begins parthenogenetically producing new wingless females. Generation after generation of wingless females survive one another until hot weather comes or maybe the plant on which they are living dies and then suddenly some of the females grow wings and fly off. At the left you see what a winged aphid may look like, though they come in many colors and shapes.
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