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need a lil help here-- organic upside down tomatoes!

well I am going to try growing organic tomatoes upside down... but I am wondering a few things.... on you tube I seen that alot of people had there tomatoes in a standard hang basket will this plant become root bound or dose the type of tomato mater or should I use 5 gallon buckets... trying to stay away from the buckets organic soil gets pricey when u have to fill 6 or 7 5 gallon buckets.. can some one please help me

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Welcome to the forum; glad you found us. I took the liberty of making your post title more specific, so it will catch the eye of people who might be able to answer the question.

In the meantime if you type upside down tomatoes and/or topsy turvy tomatoes into the Search the Forum feature, you will be able to find what people have already written here about them. We had several people trying them out last season.

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