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Getting a foot in the Farmer's Market.

How do I go about selling stuff at the Farmer's Market? Do I just show up or what?
pretty straight forward question. I'll prolly have beets and turnips and a little honey.

perhaps this belongs in the what doesn't fit elsewhere lobby.

Well from the web I found that all you need to do is go down and set up shop early on. Talk to the head of the market and find out what you can and can't sell. There is a collection fee that varies from Market to Market some cover the whole season some cover the day.

You can delete this if you want but in a couple months maybe I will share my experience.
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I would guess that different markets have different systems but I suspect that the majority of them have a system that is a little more formal than "just show up." Does your farmer's market have a website where you could find this information? Or a contact number? If not, try asking one of the vendors what you need to do to get in.

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I have been a farmer's marketer for a few years now. Let me say first, you are going to enjoy the heck out of it! I haven't sold at a market yet where I haven't made lasting friendships.

Now for the registering question. Most farmer's markets these days do have a registration system where they will give you a packet that will entail what can and can't be sold, the specifics rules of the market, what you have to do to be certified organic, set-up times, what it costs etc.etc.

I would get hold of the person in charge of the of the Market (usually refered to as the Market Master) ASAP. The reason I say this is two fold. First the registration deadline may be closing rapidly. The deadline for the Markets I attend are in mid-march here in Indiana. So you need to get on it. Secondly, while many markets do allow day-of participation registration, if you are planning on selling there often, the lump sum yearly registration ends up being a lot cheaper than the price of paying each time you go. That and you are usually included in any advertising for the market if you register at the beginning of the season

Have fun at your market and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

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This is the first time I've looked at this thread, advice may be a little late.

There are lots of farmers' markets in northern California. Every one of them I've been to (eight locations?) has an official organization listed as its "sponsor." The "sponsor" may or may not be providing actual money, but it *does* require sign-ups, booths of certain uniformity (pop-up sizes, especially), fees to belong, and I'm not sure what else.

Not one of these farmers' markets has a "same day show-up" policy; I've known crafters who tried. No go.

And there *are* crafters at the markets, but they all signed up through the sponsor.

Good luck! Hope it all works out well for you! :)

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:bouncey: Thank you very kindly everyone. I would have just wated till the end :bouncey:
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