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There is something about the soil that seems to repel water. If the soil is dry, the water does not want to soak in. There is no problem if the soil is already wet. Is there some kind of enzyme that will help, or do I just keep adding organic material, compost, etc.??

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-Clay repels water a bit.

-See if you have too much clay or your soil has compacted making runoff surfaces where water slides off missing the roots.

-Amend your soil when found that there is not clay or compacted soil with material that will raise or lower you pH level and add nutrients.

- Add mulch to the top layer to help retain some moisture.

- Research irrigation methods

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Anza, Calif. Are you near Anza Borrego State Park? I've camped there (I grew up in Southern Calif); it's very beautiful.

That is a desert area, so I would expect your soil is sandy rather than clay-ey. But in either case you are right about just keep adding compost and other organics and Sage Hermit is right about mulching and drip irrigating to let the water slowly soak in.

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your soil is hydrophobic. try and look for a stickier such as yucca extract to mix in with water to get the soil to accept it. or add lots and lots and lots of compost and MULCH! then don't let the soil dry out.

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