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Ooops....dear Kisal.....I forgot to thank you for coming to my rescue!

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rainbowgardener wrote:Interesting... I hadn't heard of this product before. Mixture of sesame oil and fish oil with lecithin for an emulsifier. Sounds pretty totally non-poisonous and safe to use. If it bothers plants, it is probably by clogging up the leaf pores, making it hard for the leaves to "breathe." So yes, spraying it off (I'm guessing) would help, if it hasn't been on there too long.

They say it smells pretty strong of fish. I can't use anything like that, because it drives the outdoor cats crazy and they tear up/ dig up the plant, trying to get to the fish they know must be there.

I started using this product this season after someone at my local greenhouse suggested spinosad. When I realized that spinosad kills bees (says so on the label) I opted for something else and found Organocide. It smells awful but I've had no problem with it so far, even on my arugula, and lettuce. The label says that it's safe to use, and the ingredients seem alright but I'm new to gardening. Is this stuff actually 'safe' to use? Can anyone help?

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Well, any oil can kill insects, including bees, if sprayed directly on them, especially in high concentration. It clogs up their spiracles (breathing passages).

If you avoid spraying when bees are around, should be fine.

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