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Maestro Gro

Has anyone used Maestro Gro products before? It's based here in Texas and is All Natural/Organic products. It's definately not OMRI products, in fact haven't seen a single stamp, but they also make sure not to claim to be completely organic, but atleast all natural and organic mixed. I noticed some of the Rose Glo at the ranch I'm working at, amongst the guys Miracle Gro products, and was wondering about it. The owner said I could take a couple cups if I liked as he doesn't have roses anymore(he lives in Houston, the ranch[summer house] is near Gonzales 3 hours away). Before I took it I wanted to see if anyone's used their products before, most are from Rabbit Hill Farm.


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If it's not OMRi listed you can't be sure!

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Many small companies can't afford the $$$ it costs to pursue OMRI certification. Their products may be as pure as, or purer than, the proverbial driven snow, but can't be labelled as such due to $$$ concerns. :(

The NPK numbers on Maestro Gro's webpage look like those of other organic products I've seen: nice and low, usually indicative of slow-release nutrients for the soil and plants.

I never responded to the September 2009 post because I had no personal experience with the Maestro Gro product line, but I do know that OMRI certification costs the producer cold, hard cash, something that small companies don't have a lot of.

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