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re:grass clippings

I have tried SO many things in our garden and grass clipping is on of them.
The way that I found works best is. Go to your nearest lumber yard and ask for some lumber wrap.....It is usually free. lay it on the ground (somewhere it will stay dry) and spread you grass clippings on it in a thin layer to let it dry out (usually two to three days if thin and the weather is hot) then take that and spread it around your plants. That way they will not smell and won't rob N out of the soil as they decompose.
Another thing that I found that works like a charm is planting Alsike clover in between the rows(I plant every other row and mark it so it doesn't ger walked on. Then when it is up and growing well I do the other rows) and when it grows you can mow it (with out the bag) to add N and organic matter to the soil. It has improved our horrible soil here greatly..........plus it is nice to walk on.

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