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Organic spray that is safe for toads?

We have quite the toad population that has moved into my flower beds. They are tiny rusty-red to brown spotted super cute little things, no bigger than an inch long. I want them to stick around, because not only are they not hurting anything, it seems like the aphid problem I had has improved since they moved in. I still have something chewing holes through my vinca, though, and I want to get rid of it without harming the toads. I think it's probably the mammoth grasshoppers and cave crickets I have seen that are larger than the toads. LOL. I bought an organic spray that said it was safe for humans and domestic animals, but I'm still kind of afraid to spray it. I don't even necessarily want to kill the grasshoppers, just repel them.

Another quick question... I have seen alot of praying mantis this year. On one hand, they could be good because they will eat insects, but I know mantises, if large enough, will eat small toads, and I don't want them killing my toads. What do you think?

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all amphibians have a glandular, fairly permeable skin. I'd be hesitant to spray anything around where you want toads to continue to be alright.

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