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vertical potting with drip feeding system

Hello all, I haven't posted here yet so, if I missed something please forgive me.

This year I have been focusing on streamlining the garden in a few ways;

#1, Since I live in an urban environment, space constraints are an issue, so get as much in pots as I can.
#2, Time is also a constraint, which means making the garden as maintanance free as possible.
#3, Reducing the gardening costs down to just the seed.

The first project was to set up a vertical potting system. I have set up a ladder system which will be mounted on the house wall, which is south facing. The walls are thick stone which provides excellent accumulated radiant heat. I will start with growing peppers, some leafy green such as NZ spinach(?), and maybe cherry tomatos, pot size would be an issue. There is a substantial overhang which should keep blight at bay. Have hooked up a drip system with tank up to the eaves trough, although, having a problem figuring a drip timer without using power . All the materials used have been re-cycled including the rubber piping and lumber, pardoning a bit of propane to burn holes in the cups for the drip feed .

The next project is growing larger variety tomatos upside down. I found some old wire lampshades and will line them with garden fabric and the use the same rainwater tank to feed them as well. Has anybody out there had any success growing other veg. upside down?


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