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new ways to fertilize

I am looking for new ways to fertilize. I used to use synthetic fertilizer, but I have decided it does more damage than good. I have had it burn roots and destroy plants and I have had enough. Any ideas?

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You may be ready to segue into organic gardening, which emphasizes soil building and integrated garden systems (e.g.,beneficial insects, compost, companion planting) rather than conventional gardening, which tends to look at soil as if it were an inert substance needing to be fed specific fertilizers based on what we feel is needed.

But organic gardening isn't a "Do this instead of that" practice; it's an entirely different way of approaching the garden.

Take a look through the Organic Gardening Forum to get an idea of the (many) options available.

An introductory book on organic gardening, perhaps from your local library, may give you a more coherent base of knowledge.

Yes, you're right: synthetic fertilizers *can* do more harm than good, including burning roots, leaves, etc.

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Great advice from Cynthia. I would also say the best way to approach fertilizing is to build the soil with organics. Feed the soil and you feed the plants. Synthetics don't feed the soil. Here's some interesting and helpful posts from the Organic
Gardening forum.

Compost forum

You might want to look through the Compost forum too.

Lots of helpful info here on organic fertilizers.


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