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Growth Rates info please??


just a quickie from a newby... Growth rates - How do you determine what 'average' or fast' or even 'slow' growth rate means? I presume that it may be different for different types of plant? Or is there some kind of industry standard when it comes to this matter? Obviously, things like position, soil, care, etc would all have an effect on a plant, but when choosing, how do you know roughly how big something will be in say 2 years, 5 years, etc, if it doesn't actually tell you, but just says 'average growth rate'?

Thanks in advance...!


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Well a fast growth rate would mean that the plant will grow quite quickly under optimal conditions and then you move on from there.

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The only plants I'm aware of were there is an actual definition for growth rates are conifers:
Minature = less than 2.5 cm per year
Dwarf = 2.5 - 15 cm per year
Intermediate = 15 - 30 cm per year
Large = over 30 cm per year
Growth rates are very dependent on growing conditions for all plants.

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All I've ever heard of in relation to growth rates applies to trees. There are fast growing trees (Lombardy poplars come to mind), and slow growing trees (such as oaks.) Fast growing trees tend to have weaker wood than slower growing types, although there are a few exceptions.

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No not just trees, I think I've seen it on vines and shrubs, too. Larger things I suppose. Anyway as to the actual amount it grows it's more just a reference, I think. I don't believe there is an established system that will tell you how much it will grow. However I could be wrong. Try looking it up, you never know what you will find out. :D

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