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Anyone garden by the 'signs'?

Many people in my area plant by the moon phases. My grandmother planted by the 'signs', canned, baked, etc by the signs. I also follow this tradition. My husband went against my wishes a few times and had very poor to bad results. Anyone else do this?

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There's a thread somewhere in THG about planting by phases of the moon.

There's also a whole school of gardening thought--the BioDynamic approach--which uses phases of the moon as an integral component, as integral as water and soil.

Maybe these bits of info will help you find like-minded folks!

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Mother and Daddy planted by signs. Beans were planted when the signs were in the Twins. There was something about planting potatoes on the dark of the moon?

Another subject:
Do any of you grow Garlic? We already harvested our's and half we brushed the dirt off, cut off the beards and the rest we left dirty and beards intact. I just read that Garlic should be taken out of the sun immediately after being harvested.
We grew a beautiful batch this year. :lol:

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