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Petition for a Compost sub-forum

Hello to any hosts, out there!

People seemed jazzed about the new herb sub-forum. Don't know how old or new it actually is, but it's great with lots of activity.

Please create another new sub-forum just for compost! There are so many questions people seem to have and their posts are scattered around in veggie gardening, organic gardening, and other forums. I just want to see a designated place for all those questions and tips.

Who's with me?

Carolyn :)

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I actually made this request a few weeks ago privately after spending a couple of HOURS (!) searching the four pages of archives in Organic Gardening and NOT finding any information on compost screen sizes.

I believe my request is under consideration, but of course the site owner and moderators have lives outside the virtual world!

I also have some ideas for simplifying the "list" page, where the available forums and sub-forums are, so that it will still be only one screen long. This is an important consideration for many people who just zzzzOOOOMMM on by.

Cynthia H.
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