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Newly seeded lawn


I'm new to gardening and have yet to get my green fingers so I'm hoping someone can answer my question. :oops:

I have just started growing a lawn from seed. It took a while to take with the hot weather but since we have had a load of rain it has gone mad, looks lovely and green and healthy and has just had it's first cut. It has been approximately 5 weeks since we first put the seed down and I am well satisfied with the result so far. :)

However, It still looks a little thin in places and I wondered if it will thicken up on its own in a relatively short amount of time or if there is a need to put more seed down in those areas? :roll:

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Over seeding those areas won't hurt any; just be sure to keep it watered. Mowing will help the roots push and hat will help fill in those barer areas as well...


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