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What can I use in this tray instead of peat pellets?

I'm using this seed starting kit, you can see in my other thread:

it's really cool because it has this watering tray thing with a mat that hangs over the sides into the water brings water up from the bottom and then waters the individual spots through holes in the bottom.. ie, put in half a gallon of water and it lasts for a week or two. Anyway, it came with peat pellets (it called them soil pellets), and since I have them I may as well use them, but I read they're bad for the environment and whatnot, so I'm wondering if I can use something else in order to reuse this tray system? The nice thing about the peat is it comes out in one big chunk and is easy to transplant. I could fill this with soil and start new seeds in it, but will it come out so nice? I'm worried that I'll wait several weeks tending to seedlings and then kill them all when it comes time to transplant them. I was thinking of experimenting with unrolling cotton balls and trying to make a container of sorts. Just wondering if anyone already knows a good way to reuse this thing without using peat.

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