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I killed my hibiscus? please help

My hibiscus has freakishly small leaves. I mean the size of a pinky nail. I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause. I'm going to take a picture in a few hours, when the sun comes up. I want to know what I did wrong, so I won't make the same mistake again.

The leaves getting smaller happened gradually over several months so I didn't notice until the plant looked dreadful. Also the branches grow straight up, not out.

Do these symptoms seem like not enough sun to you? That's what I thought too, the tree is on a covered balcony. But if low sunlight is the problem, how come this didn't happen last summer (I have had the tree for over a year)?? Besides, I know people who keep their hibiscus trees INSIDE and they don't die. So what gives? What else could cause this.

My poor tree. Please help me to not do this again. Thanks for reading.

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