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Crazy Rasberry Ants Invade Coastal Texas - Tiny Running Ants

Article in NYTimes about a [url=]Texas Ant infestation[/url]. They are very small and are spreading at the rate of a half mile a day. Also knowns as Running Ants, they are difficult to control. They are also known as [url=]Caribbean crazy ants[/url] and the [url=]crazy rasberry ant[/url].

It is an invasive species with no native predators, so they're pretty much running amok.
Variants of the species found in Colombia have been known to asphyxiate chickens and even attack cattle by swarming over their eyes, nasal passages and hooves, according to the Center for Urban and Structural Entomology at Texas A&M, which is conducting much of the research on the ants.
The NYTimes article goes on to say:
The ants often eat fire ants, with which they are sometimes compared, and they “outcompeteâ€
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Yes, this brings to mind the topic of globalization. It's all well and good but, we need to have certain safegaurds in place to prevent the spread of non native species across the globe.

And this could be one of those extreme cases where pesticides could actually be useful but, used in a safe and controlled manner. However, there are always options.

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The pest control guy who first discovered them (and lent his surname, Rasberry, to them) said there isn't enough pesticide to get rid of them. He said a treatment that'd normally cost $80 is costing up to $600 and that the results are never satisfactory, leaving him in a bad position.

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My understanding is they have an affinity for electrical things and have been shorting out electrical boxes (below the meter can), computers, etc.

I dread their arrival; Houston is only 4 hours north east of us.

I have a dear, dear friend that lives there and I really need to go see her (I've been growing foundation plants for her new house this last year), but now hesitate heading that direct for fear I'll bring home some unexpected 'riders'.

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The article in the wall street journal blog says they were seen here back in 2002. That was the year I moved to Houston and these things started nesting in my Playstation2. I've never seen bugs so tiny. I can't remember how I got rid of them.

Then, late one night last summer (different apartment), I wanted to watch a movie so I sat down in front of the media shelf thing and pulled out a random DVD. The room was dark except for the TV glow. I opened the case and

Surprise! There were thousands of them hanging out in the DVD case :shock:

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