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Help with my Gardenia

I just got a Gardenia for mothers day. They are very special for me because my grandpa use to grow them in Greece when I was a child. :D
I, however, am not sure how to care for them. I live in the Chicago area. I want to try keeping this one indoors. I would appreciate any tips for this finicky plant. It has beautiful flowers, that are starting to turn brown. :?
I don't have a great green thumb.

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I'm probably not the best to advise you on this since I'm a fairly newbie gardener; but I'm fortunate to live in a zone where some gardenias will thrive outdoors. From what I've learned, they like acid soil; leaves may yellow if soil is not sufficiently acidic. I've planted several with some sulfur to acidify soil, worked on improving the drainage of our native awful clay soil, and mixed in some compost. All are doing well, and they're just wonderful when they flower. Good luck with yours!

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Gardenia blooms don't last very long but bushes usually bloom twice a year and smell heavenly!! I don't have to amend my soil here in zone 8 to grow Gardenias so I don't have advice for your zone. What I can tell you is that they attract Whiteflies if planted outside. Two years ago I had a bad case of Whiteflies and I tried everything to clean the bushes as this stuff will eventually kill the bush. The bushes, stems and leaves, were turning a solid black with residue from the flies. In a desperate situation I figured I may lose my bushes anyway so in a last attempt to save them I did this.. I sprayed them with WD_40!! Yes..WD-40..I waited 20 minutes and sprayed hard with the garden hose. I was amazed that all the black muck washed away and I still have my Gardenias.

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