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Care Of and For Weigela

How big does a weigela grow? I'm in zone 4B/5A What are the ideal conditions for soil/sun? anything I should know about them? How to prune?

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There are several different varieties, and the mature size of each will be different. I found sizes ranging from 12" to over 6'. Do you know what variety you have?

Here is some general information regarding the care of weigela:


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I have the weigela Wine and Roses with the purple foliage. It is about 4' high and wide after five years or so and not growing so much any more. It is very easy care, low maintenance. It's just about finished with it's spring flush of blooms (gets covered with blooms, gorgeous). After that it just puts out the occasional few blooms. It likes full sun, otherwise isn't too picky. Mine is in my terrible clay soil and doing fine...

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