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I planted some sunflowers around March 5th and they have been doing fairly well. They are already above my knee! But I'm concerned as to when they will flower and how hardy they will be. I'm moving in late May, and leaving my mom to tend to them. She tends to be of the "all you have to do is water it" mindset, and I'm worried this will keep them from flowering as large as I had hoped, or make them weaker. Just for reference sake I live in Florida.

So my question is, what can I do to make sure my sunflowers don't utterly fail in my absence?

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I don't know if you get Miracle Gro in Florida, but there must be some equivalent feed. I do my plants every two weeks with this dissolved in the watering can, we use water butts, rather than a hose. Works really well on the flowering plants.

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I don't think miracle gro fertilizer is very popular here. It seems to be a quick fix that causes long term problems. Compost or leaf tea appears to be the preferred alternative. You soak those things in water and then use that to water the plants. Others would have a lot more info on such things than me. I aim more for setting the site up before having anything grow there. Your better off just using compost and fertilizer before you plant. Then all they should need is regular watering. It's better to use good soil in the first place rather than trying to make up for it later with liquid fertilizers. My annuals never need more than water after I've planted. It's only the perennials where I can't easily mix in compost every year without digging them back up that need anything extra.

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