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Where to find the acronym list?

Does anyone know where the acronym list is for garden terms? :? I may be overlooking it, now that I know how to bookmark topics. :roll:

For example:
SFG = Square Foot Gardening

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Hmmmm, don't know that I have seen a list. I suggest if you see something you don't understand, just ask. Welcome to the forum!

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I don't think there is one either. I have to admit it did take me a while to figure some things out
DH = the husband
BIL- Brother in Law
DW = the wife
DD= dear daughter (I think)
OP = Original Poster
SIP = sub irrigated planter ie same as earthbox or self watering planter
Wicking bed = instead of a sub irrigated planter. You have a raised bed that is sub irrigated. A raised bed is like a giant planter.
SFG= square foot garden

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