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TheLorax wrote:What kind of bar soaps do you make? We made soap from a craft kit once and it was some sort of a glycerin soap where little frogs and ducks could be placed in the middle of the bar. It was a kid project that was fun but the soap wasn't all that great. I'd be interested in an "easy" bar soap recipe. I like the bar soaps I pick up at craft fairs and farmers markets. They have such a nice consistency and smell. When I am making a selection, it is often very difficult as I feel like a kid in a candy store. I like to sniff every bar.
I don't make soap. Hubby did for a while using caustic soda and palm oil but it is a lengthy process and if not done properly the soap has to be thrown away as it burns!
I do make cleaning products using mainly vinegar and herbs. Other ingredients like lemon juice get thrown into the mix to make it smell nice and because it is an astringent. Vinegar is an incredibly versatile substance. You can use it to remove stains from cups, to descale a kettle, clean your teeth, a breath freshener, window cleaner, a draincleaner, to remove rust from screws, nails etc. chrome cleaner, to remove paint from glass, oven cleaner, to clean chopping boards, clean the fridge, floor cleaner, to clean fish tanks, to revive old leather nevermind all its uses in the garden and as a health and healing aid.
I was given a book called "Vinegar 1001 practical uses." Wonderful info and recipes in there.
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A long time ago I tried... and failed. I was motivated after reading the section on making soap from the Foxfire series. Had delusions of shelves lines with homemade soaps of assorted "flavors" that I could share with friends and family. I even went to great lengths bringing home buckets of ashes and had friends setting aside lard for me. Was sort of hoping there was an "easy" bar soap recipe out there to avoid the mess and time element. Think I'll buy the homemade bar soap from people who have the process down pat.

Yes, vinegar is good stuff!

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