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New Here, My Introduction

I have made a few other posts but thought I would make a more formal introduction of my self. I am live in South Central Missouri, zone 6 and if you have seen us on the news latley it has been about our record rain fall and flooding. My town got 17 inches for the month of March, 7 inches for Feb also a new record. Our annual average is 40". We are also setting the stage for a record April. Anyway, I am 25 years old and bought my first home in 2005 and work from home taking care of developmentally disabled children in my home, kind of like baby sitting for the government. Then I also raise show quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis which by the way are a very good dog for a gardners as they aren't generally diggers and they never lay in the flower beds and extremely smart. I always liked planting things and watching them come up but only really been interested in more depth the last 2 years. My step-dad was a member of master gardners in our town, he still would be but he would rather spend time in his own garden than someone elses so he doesnt really have time that it requires to remain an active member so to speak. He still kind of keeps up with them. I ask him alot of questions but nobody knows it all but a group of people know alot more. As with many people who buy a home, naturally become somewhat interested in gardening. The place I bought is a great place to start learning as it used to be an old homestead, my house isnt that old but there used to be one here and many others in time past I believe with all the suprises I get every spring. It has things planted everywhere that have probably been there for generations. There is a huge Iris bed going the whole width of the yard, about 200 ft. and its about 4 ft wide. I guess the existing variety of plants and landscaping along with the influence of my step-dad have me wanting to improve on what I already have. I kind of feel obligated to keep up the work that someone many years ago started. If they came back today they wouldnt be disappointed that all the hard work they did wouldnt have been in vein. I am anxious to get to work in a few days and the pretty weather has returned.

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Welcome to the Helpful Gardener! I applaud what you are doing and thinking.

I'm not a breeder but I have three Cardigan Corgis and one of my clients has a Pem (an exception as this one loves to dig - I joke with the owner that he must be part terrier). I would certainly agree that most Corgis tend to be very smart as well as bit on the stubborn side.

As the season progresses let us know what comes up in the existing garden. I'm not a huge fan of modern tall bearded iris but I really like "antique" bearded iris, spurias, Siberians, and miniature tall bearded ("table iris"). You can probably grow Louisiana iris too but I'm too far north.

Missouri has some very important people in Iris breeding. Dave Niswonger is in Cape Girardeau (I think) and if you can manage it you might want to try to arrange a trip to visit him. I'm not sure what the current state of his health is or whether he has the time but if you can sit has his feet or walk his garden with him and ask questions you would be a very fortunate person. He also has also bred dahlias, glads and daylilies.

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Welcome wind_dial!

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Welcome to the forum!

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