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amaryllis flowering in florida

I live in florida and I can,t get my bulbs to flower,what am I doing wrong.

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What bulbs have you planted?

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I've had a number of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) for 4-5 years and except for 1 all they've done is put out foliage yearly.

That is until this year. I've done nothing differently and yet I've had 4 bloom in the last month (3 are blooming right now, 1 of which is only months old to me, the others are years old) and I have 2 others that are sending up bloom spikes (more 'old' bulbs).
I did read that they won't bloom until they feel realy crowded. Possibly mine have finally reached maximum occupancy in their containers?

It's been kind of weird to see them bloom after all these years, but the anticipation of what they're going to look like has been exciting. (I failed to make labels for all, but the 2 above. :oops: )

Now if only my [url=https://www.burkesbackyard.com.au/factsheets/Flowering-Plants-and-Shrubs/Naked-Ladies/3091]Naked Ladies[/url] would bloom....
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