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Re: Most people eat 3 meals a day from a paper bag or box.

A major eating/drinking thing that I don't get is artificial sweeteners :eek: I can't stand artificial sweeteners. Since George is on such a strict diet I decided now is a good time to get rid of my 15 lbs. of excess. His morning shake is mixed with pureed fruit. For a boost and to mask the artificial sweetener I add strong black coffee to mine. He has a plain shake mid-morning I add pureed fruit to mine. I like a raspberry/strawberry combination. The tartness is what I am after. Lunch is not a problem - he eats broth and I eat soup - homemade of course. I am eating more fruit. at least 2 each day. I have either soup or yogurt with pureed fruit for dinner or scrambled eggs. I really like eggs and I finally learned how to scramble them properly. I am not really being THAT good. I still have either wine or a martini in the evenings. :shock:

I have lost 4 lbs. :()

In the past I have only been fair at drinking enough water. Since I started making infused water my consumption has sky rocketed.

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Re: Most people eat 3 meals a day from a paper bag or box.

I googled the moosewood cookbook it is available on line

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Re: Most people eat 3 meals a day from a paper bag or box.

The first The enchanted broccoli forest is better than the following NEW The enchanted broccoli forest.

its veggie food full on carnivores wont object to
... cream of onion soup layered over sliced potatoes, layer after layer in a buttered ceramic dish baked low until potatoes are soft and topped with super sharp grated cheddar at the end.

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Re: Most people eat 3 meals a day from a paper bag or box.

We were poor people when I was growing up, if it had not been for the garden we would have all starved to death. I was always told, WE do not waste food, Don't take it if your not going to eat it. If you put it on your plate your not leaving the table until you eat every bite. I learned not to put much on my plate, if it was a food I never saw before never try more than 1/2 a bite until I know if I like it. If I wanted more I could always put more on my plate.

Grand kids and family come for dinner we cook real food and they refuse to eat it. I cooked Chinese stir fry they picked out the chicken pieces and refused to eat the vegetables. I told them, next time you come for dinner bring food you like don't expect us to eat any of it.

I love to cook. I have learned a lot of short cuts. Today I made a pot of garden chili I put meat, onion, garlic in the skillet to cook. Tomatoes went into the blender. Hit the garlic and onion with a cast iron skillet skin falls right off then chop it with a knife. Throw in the spices. It took 20 minutes to make chili. Everything but the meat came from the garden. Green beans are a good substitute for red beans.

Wife baked a chicken we ate some then turned it all into chicken salad for sandwiches that makes a great sandwich for lunch or dinner.

Relatives live on fast food and frozen food. Frozen burritos are their favorite they buy burritos by the case of 24. There are breakfast burritos, lunch burritos, dinner burritos, snack burritos, burritos for every occasion, that is 95% of what they eat, plus pizza and fast food.

I have to leave the table when I get full. If there is food in front of me I can not set there and look at the food without eating more.

I went to the doctor yesterday had a good check up, blood pressure 120/70, oxygen 95, pulse good, gained 8 lbs, everything looks good, taking no medication except Aleve for back pain. Doctor said, how much exercise do you get. I ride my bicycle 20 to 30 miles almost every day if we are not camping, we go camping every Tuesday for 3 days, I have a vegetable garden. Doctor said, how much caffeine and alcohol do you drink? I drink 1 cup Decaf coffee for breakfast, sometimes ice tea or Coke for lunch, glass of red wine before bed. Doctor said, pretty good for 67 year old fossil.

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