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Just to muddy the waters a little more.

For those of you who are wondering how to easily resize a picture so that it falls within the forum guidelines for avatars this should help. The limits are 80 X 80 pixels and a file size of less than 6K.. If you do not already have it go to [url=]Irfanview[/url] and download the current version of the software. It is free and is an excellent tool to view and re-size photos. The following instructions apply to that software only.

STEP 1 Create a square image without any unwanted portions.

A. To get the most from the limited space available it is best to crop any unwanted portions of the image. Since the limit is 80 X 80 you will probably want to crop your picture to a square shape.

B. Locate the image that you wish to set as your avatar.

C. Open the image with Irfanview and click EDIT then CREATE CUSTOM CROP SELECTION. A dialog box appears.

D. Ensure that the width and height dimensions (upper right quadrent of the dialog box) are set to a square dimension that is also large enough to include the relevant portion of the image. The image can be larger than 80 X 80 for now, just make sure that it includes the portion you want and that it is square.

E. Click APPLY TO IMAGE. The crop selection box can now be moved with the right mouse button. If it is too big or too small go back and resize the crop selection box.

F. Once you are satisfied with your selection click EDIT then CROP SELECTION. The image should now be as you wish it to appear on the forum except that it may be larger.

STEP 2 Resize the image.

A. If necessary resize the image by clicking IMAGE then RESIZE/RESAMPLE and change the size to 80 X 80. Click OK

STEP 3 Adjust file size and save the image.

A. Now save the Image by clicking FILE then SAVE AS. Two dialog boxes appear, the usual Windows dialog and a secondary one from Irfanview. In the first box select a format, JPG/JPEG works. Also, ensure that you choose a new name and/or location or you will lose the original image.

B. In the secondary dialog box un-check the boxes that includes image data in the new file, it is not necessary for an avatar and makes for a larger file.

C. Click SAVE in the primary dialog box.

D. Locate the new image on your computer, right click and select PROPERTIES to check that the image is below 6K, if it is you are done.

E. If the image is too large open it again and go back to step A and in the secondary dialog box adjust the quality slider to create a smaller image. You may find it necessary to repeat this until you zero in on the correct quality setting.

If this is all too much for you just post a link to your picture and I'll try to help.


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And me too!


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Thanks guys. Brain fuzzed out on step three, so will have to try to run the two windows side-by-side. WM would love to add signature to my line. The lazier I can be, the better. 'Sides, you all know what it would be, anyway.
Happy Gardening,

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Pssst... Keep this under your hat. I enabled signatures. Hopefully we won't see them abused... again. :oops: 8)

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:D Yes, let's build a nice healthy gardening community here!

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Oops! I didn't see the 2nd page.....

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