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I am so tired of the forum loosing my password.

I am so tired of the forum loosing my password. I click the option to save my password but the forum looses my password anyway. The whole purpose of saving it is so I don't have to remember it. At my age I can not remember anything so I write passwords down but I can never remember where I wrote them down. I can remember things from 25 years ago but nothing 5 minutes ago. 25 years ago my one and only password that I used for every place I needed to log on was the same, that makes it very easy to log onto with this account.

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Re: I am so tired of the forum loosing my password.

The thing that I can't figure out is why it will lose it 3 or 4 times in a row, yet then I'll go 2 weeks or more with no problem! Really weird...

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Re: I am so tired of the forum loosing my password.

I will forward these issues you have experienced to the webmaster, but it's really best to pm him directly since he is the expert on technical details. I can only help iDevice users using same iOS and apps as I do.

Generally speaking, I believe your password needs to be re-input -- If you cleared your browser's history/cookies (or if your browser had a security update). If you have security app that auto clears them. Or possibly after the forum software is upgraded -- and he did mention he was doing that -- possibly more than one re-boot was needed? (But he would be better able to help.)

...note... Hmm.... I don't think it's the forum losing the password, I think it's your browser? Doesn't check-boxing the save password just means it gets added to the browser cookies for the website? --- pure extrapolated speculation from here but maybe the cookies become invalid if a forum upgrade changes something that ID's the website.
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Re: I am so tired of the forum loosing my password.

There is actually an app available to save your passwords for you and you only have to remember one master password. I did not have to sign in again after I cleared my browser, but I only cleared it for one day not forever. Make sure you click the box that says to remember the password when you sign in or you will have to sign in again.
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Re: I am so tired of the forum loosing my password.

DirtMan, check your inbox. Your gary350 password is in your DirtMan private message inbox. It's the same one I sent you the last time your anti-virus/browser erased your password. I just logged in and out with it. Log in then change the password to something you can remember.

The forum never forgets your password because the forum does not store your password. That's not how web sites work.

It is your browser that's forgetting the password. Your problem is not with the site. Your problem is with your browser.

Go to your browser and check your privacy settings to make sure that your browser SAVES cookies, not erases them for so-called privacy.

Alternately, check your antivirus, ESPECIALLY if you are using McAfee or Norton, and make sure that your antivirus is NOT getting rid of your cookies.

Cookies store information. Cookies do NOT personally track you from site to site. Cookies are not a bad thing. The Internet has made people paranoid about cookies but they are useful, as you see. So fix your browser or anti-virus settings so that they stop eating your cookies. ;)

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Re: I am so tired of the forum loosing my password.

I can't imagine being on 30 different forums anyway. But almost all the different websites like this (i.e. fun stuff not business) that I use that want a password (for me that includes Goodreads, FreeRice, etc) I use the same one.

I have different passwords for bank accounts and important stuff. But if somehow some one accesses my password and gets access to all the different non-business stuff I do, who cares? I'm posting my life on FaceBook anyway, what is the big deal about privacy?
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