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Rookie gardener question on vines - Jasmine

Hi, I am new to gardening. I have just planted my first plant - an Arabian Jasmine in the corner of my yard. I would like it to trail up my fence. It has been planted for about 3 weeks now and I think there may be a problem. It is in a shady area, but the lady at the nursery said that was fine. I live in Southern California so the temperatures have been good and I have watered it about twice a week.

The bottom of the plant seems to have yellower leaves and some starting to wilt. The top of the plant seems fine. I am not sure why this is happening. I have pictures of it, but don't know how to post them onto this forum.

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Could be a Nitrogen deficiency, try fertilizing it with liquid fish fertilizer once a week. Dilute the fertilizer as per the instructions on the bottle. Warning, it does smell a little but, won't be a problem.

Also, you could add some composted manure to the spot and work it into the soil around the plant. But, go with a liquid organic fertilzer of some kind to start.

Any other ideas?

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