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Potting Soil v. Top Soil

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not...

What is the difference between potting soil and top soil besides the obvious? I just bought a house in September, and am starting to buy supplies that I'll need for my gardens this spring. I am thinking about making raised beds as the soild is very poor here. I can buy a larger bag of potting soil cheaper than I can buy a bag of top soil but didn't know if there was a reason why the potting soil would be a bad choice.

And, if I decided against the raised beds, would it help the soil to mix in a few bags of potting soil or top soil as I am tilling?

Thanks for any advice.

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Well, I don't have a direct answer for you other than potting soil usually contains vermiculite or perlite in it but, you can also buy soil by the truckload for a lot cheaper. That would be best for you I think. Don't forget some manure as well. and work some mulched leaves if you have any access to leaves into the mix as well.

Don't use Walnut leaves or Oak leaves if you want to grow any grasses like corn.

Also, before laying your soil down over the ground, dig up as many of the grass and other weeds as possible and then lay down black and white newspaper over the area. This will keep weeds down and the newspaper will breakdown creating more soil for you.

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