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Too hot today and will only get worse

Walked out on my back porch and looked at the thermometer and saw it reading 92 in the shade. Got curious and took it out to the garden and put it on one of my remaining tomato plants and in a minute or so it shot up to 98. While weeding a part of my raised bed that is now dormant I noticed how hot the soil was, so I took the thermometer and shoved it about 4 inches into the soil and it went to 104. It will only get hotter in July and August. This is nuts.

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Re: Too hot today and will only get worse

This heat is really ridiculous.

It also hasn't rained since June 4! That's crazy!!!
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Re: Too hot today and will only get worse

Strange. We are getting an unusual amount of summer rain, but we had a dry monsoon season because of the El Nino. Right now our daytime temps are hot but not unusual. We are sitting around 81 in the daytime and 69 at night and it has been raining every other week, sometimes a drizzle, sometimes locally heavy. It is causing all kinds of fungal and bacterial issues with my plants. I hade to toss out basil seedlings because of downy mildew. I thought it would be dry this month and they might make it.....not. The peppers have bacterial spots so I had to toss a lot of the infected seedlings out and denude most of the leaves off of some of the peppers. The weeds are happy.

I did not expect to be cooler than you guys.

La Nina has cooled the waters around us. Unfortunately too late for the coral, there is a lot of coral bleaching and dead coral in the ocean.
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Re: Too hot today and will only get worse

Tell me about it!

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